Universal is an industry leader and innovator in overhead sign structure fabrication. They perform nearly all fabrication in-house including induction bending and galvanizing.  Universal employs multiple full time Certified Welding Inspectors who work closely with outside inspection offices to ensure project specifications are followed at all times.  Universal is an AISC certified fabrication shop.  They have completed the Caltrans facility audit for Welded Steel for Overhead Sign Structures.  Universal is capable of fabricating most overhead sign structures.

Structure Types:

  • Tubular sign structures

  • Truss style sign structures

  • Bridge mounted sign structures and cat walks

  • DMS/ VMS and CMS structures

  • Cantilever structures

  • Bridge sign structures

  • Butterfly structures

  • Double mass structures

  • Signal structures

  • Specialty structures

  • Airport sign structures


"Universal's cooperation, detailing, fabrication and delivery on simple projects to complex and multi stage long term projects is unmatched."

— John Rehoreg

Modern Alloys

"We’ve been doing business with Universal Industrial Sales for over twenty years and consider them more of a partner in our industry more than just a supplier."

— Rick Chavez

Modern Alloys

"Universal Industrial Sales always provides us with competitive quotes, great customer services and on time delivery of all their product."

— Russell Robertson

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